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Originally Posted by Carbonfiberboy View Post
The second thing to check is weight on hands, which can be set by saddle set-back. While pedaling on the flat in the hoods position, can you lift both hands off the bars for a bit without sliding forward on the saddle? If you slide, the saddle is too far forward. I have a longish torso. I have to use a setback seatpost and slide my saddle almost all the way back.
The third thing to look at is your handlebar height. Believe it or not, your back has an angle it prefers to be at when you're riding a bike, and if it's lower than what your handlebar and arms will allow, there will be more than just the mass of your upper body bearing down on your hands. There will be conflict, your lower back muscles trying to lower your shoulders and your arms trying to raise them. After finding your balance using saddle setback, see what it feels like to ride with your hands resting lightly over the hoods. Then adjust handlebar height to where this becomes second nature.
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