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Originally Posted by Heathpack View Post
It is very unlikely that you need to output a sustained 500 watts to complete a charity ride. Say you weigh 200 pounds, that works out to 5.5 watts/kg, which for 5 min power is pro or cat 1 level power.

Typically when people describe a climb, they will describe it in terms of ave % grade, not max % grade. Pulling up a recent climb that I did that was ave 9.5% grade for 2 miles, I can see that I rode up that at 2.6 watts/kg power output. That is a pretty mellow effort. There is (according to Strava) a tiny amt of 19.5% grade on that hill. You can extrapolate based on your weight what kind of wattage you'd need to maintain to climb a similar hill, its probably going to be something like 250 watts.

No one here can really speak to whether you should do this ride, because of your heart condition. You should consult your physician. But its likely your proposed ride is actually significantly easier than you're thinking it it, and (if not for your heart issues) you could probably do it.
500W on my power curve is just over 1 minute. I don't mean to be claiming I'm talking about long efforts here. The climbing out here is short hill after short hill after short hill. 1 min at 500W is enough to get most of the way up these things if you have momentum with you at the beginning. Then I end up dropping down to 300w to get to the top or so. My 5 minute power is somewhere in the mid 200s.

I'm not sure how to get avg. grade numbers from strava without creating a new segment just for that climb. If you just zoom in on the analysis to that part of the ride it just tells you the grade as you mouse over the plots.
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