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Maruishi is now Jamis. I've always admired both brands. Current models are well built and good value compared to the Big Three.

The older Maruishi steel frame drop bar road bikes are gems. This one is a city bike, probably 1980's, and for whatever reason, just doesn't attract the same attention. Same with the Bridgestone city bikes, at least around here. Nice bikes but never caught on.

Yours looks like some parts have been replaced. Specifically, the STX rear derailleur is of a later period (mid-90's) than the thumbshifters.

Since you state the frame is a bit tall for you, I'm assuming you're not interested in keeping it. All tuned up, cleaned & regreased, it's about a $100-125 bike around here in the conservative Midwest, perhaps a bit higher in college towns or urban areas.
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