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Originally Posted by Maelochs View Post
Actually, there are nerves in the heart ... the ones that fire the heart. About half of mine are gone,--an attempt by doctors to control my ridiculously high heartbeat (resting rate 145-150 pre-surgery.)

Since then I have been able to ride and still survive ... I just need to be careful. I got a little sick in Feb and only rode twice in March (too much work) and I got a coffee mug twice as large as my last one. I think I need to cut back on the caffeine and ease back into exercise.

I am not interested in spending the rest of my life on the couch trying to prolong a miserable life. I am interested in learning how to regain lost fitness without killing myself.

My arteries aren't clogged, all my blood work came back excellent at last test ... Sometimes I get to riding and want to push a little more than I know I should, but I refuse to lay down and die ... unless lay down and die halfway up a hard hill I just refused to walk up---and I hope I never get that stupid.

Which is why I suggest that this guy not try to push too hard ... I know how it is when your HRM decides your output, when you think the rest of you could go farther. This guy really could hurt himself trying to fight his way up a hill too far.

BTW, thanks for the concern and the sensible advice. A pleasant change from the "HTFU" norm.
Huh? I am "that guy" (OP).

I understand the heart is full of nerves, which is why I qualified that they are different than the "feely" nerves that you have on your skin, etc... I don't think you can directly sense any pain in your heart... just pain caused by it no longer functioning properly.

It sounds like you already have regular visits with your cardio, so for sure take his advice over mine... I just wanted to make sure weren't pushing through something undiagnosed that could kill you.

What I have is different. The risk is left ventral fibrillation for me (AKA sudden cardiac death), and the odds of that happening go up quite a bit when I get over 90% of my (perfectly normal) max HR. What you have sounds a lot like A-fib (which isn't so lethal). Mine has no symptoms that I would be able to detect at all.
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