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What to do?

Hi all, so I'm new to the site so first I'd like to say hi. Lol
Anyway so I'm in a pickle I really want to start commuting to work but have a problem at the moment I don't have a rideable bike. Now here's my problem. My dad had an old GT ALL TERRA From the early 90's. And while I have a nwer mtb i really want to restore the GT ALL TERRA because it is sentimental to me lol. However with that said I'm a college student. I would like a bike to commute back and forth to work mainly to get into better shape and for the fun of it. Anyway I was told it would be better to buy a new bike like khs urban soul. But my delima is this would I end up with a better bike if I took the GT and upgraded everything or would I be better off to buy a new bike. I want to end up spending somewhere between 325-350. What would you all do?

Also secondary question I live in ky where there are some rolling hills and flat land. I was thinking of getting a single speed bike just for simplicity and not have to worry about gears. Is single speed bike that hard to ride. I've been seeing good and bads about the single speed bike what's your opinions on this.
Thanks for any replies.
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