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Originally Posted by T-Mar View Post
W/O HP stands for wired-on, high pressure. This means that there are designed only for use with tyre that incorporated a wire bead (as opposed to true clinchers or tubulars) and that they can accommodate high pressure tires. The term high pressure is relative and must be considered in terms of the era. Prior to the development of the narrow (i.e. 1-1/4") rim, most tyre operated with maximum pressures of 60 psi or less. Anything above 60 psi was considered high pressure during this era.
aren't rims labeled "w/o hp" usually hookless?

i don't know if they're always hookless, but all those i've owned labeled in this way were hookless.

they always gave me worry when mounting 1" paselas and inflating them to over 90 psi.
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