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I'm going to echo the same things, to keep this broken record going... just ride. Indoors, or out, get on the saddle and spin those legs.

1) The only training plan you should worry about 3 weeks in is time. You need time on the saddle, and time on the legs. Get determined to hit a realistic weekly mileage, or hour goal (and try to do it by getting in 3, or more rides per week).

2) Have some fun, and push yourself. Each ride, try to push yourself hard enough that you're panting for a short time. Do that a few times per ride. If you're indoors try to make it a goal to get a puddle of sweat on the floor (hopefully you're using a mat and a fan).

3) Stretch and recover. Make sure you stretch your muscles after a ride, eat clean food, and allow yourself some time off to rest, sleep, and recover. You only get stronger when you're not on the bike.

4) Keep riding with your faster friend if you enjoy it.

5) Once you have a solid 12 weeks on your legs (riding every week, a few times per week), do another FTP test. Then you can worry about training plans, and what areas you'd like to improve. I've found that Zwift's workout plans aren't my cup of tea, but many people find great benefits from those plans, and I think their individual workouts are great.

6) Set a goal. I've never been fond of the "get faster", or "lose weight" goals. Pick an event like a local metric century that's a few months out and prepare your body. Use a structured training plan, or at least structure a plan for progression for yourself. Finish that, and set a new goal. Always make sure that you keep it fun.

7) Shameless plug for GCN (Global Cycling Network) on youtube. Well produced, informative videos, with tons of cycling-related humor and motivation.
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