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OP, Dude, lemme tell you my story:

When I decided to start cycling, I was 53, and a smoker. Not overweight, but that was thanks to having a chronic illness for 9 years at that point. My upper body was in great shape, but my legs, lungs and heart were pretty sad. The first time I rode my new bike--home from the LBS--which was two miles, I had to lie down afterward I was so tired. but I just kept cycling. A month later I did 9 miles...and had to lie down again, and was sore for three days. This went on for the summer, slowly building up miles. I bought the gear to keep riding thought the Northeast winter. And was psyched that to me, now, I thought nothing of 10 miles...but 20 miles was still daunting. Following spring, 2015, I fell in love with, and bought, a Domane 4.5 disc. Riding it was such a joy that 20 miles felt like nothing, and I started doubling my miles, until I was close to 200 per week. (It's about time. If I had the damned time I'd be doing nothing but riding!) I did my first half century in August, and went to a cocktail party and made dinner for 6 afterward. I wasn't sore! I wasn't tired! As a matter of fact, I felt like a million bucks! And suddenly 50 miles felt like nothing, and how far I rode was ONLY about how much time I had.

So it took a little more than a year for an out of shape middle-aged man with a chronic illness, and a (now an ex) smoker to start putting on real miles. JUST GIVE YOURSELF TIME. As everyone says above, you have to build up over time, riding longer distances. (and taking breaks between long rides to give your body time to recover.) In a year? You'll be tearing down the road like a madman, I GUARANTEE IT, and ready for a real training program so as to reach your full potential!

Patience, grasshopper! Just go ride and have fun, and all else will come!
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