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Originally Posted by osco53 View Post
It will handle poorly..the fork suspension area will raise the front end up..100 mm plus..Thus slackens the bike taking weight off the front making you very likely to wash out in corners and back flip on climbs..also the frame will be over stressed by this possibly breaking while riding...
Oh for pity's sake. we're not talking putting an 8" dual-crown on it.

OP - - You should be just fine, as long as you stay reasonable. We did that for my wife's hybrid a few years ago - - using a leftover RockShox Judy we had laying around. Smooth out the dirt roads and buff singletrack I drug her onand still working fine. Look for a fairly short-travel fork; but, still, a degree or two of slackened head-angle is not going to set the earth off its axis or anything.
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