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Originally Posted by nowherebound View Post
Yes, it's a 2015. There's plenty of room in the fork, but the v-brake pads take away a fair bit of it. I have to squeeze the current 30mm tire a little bit through the brake pads to get the wheel off (even after releasing the cable from the v-brake). I assume I could also squeeze the extra 2mm of a 32mm tire through there (depending on construction of the 32s of course, and whether they are actually only 2mm wider). But squeezing the extra 5mm of a 35mm tire through there seems unlikely. The guy at the shop said no way for 35s. (Maybe if I were to deflate the tires a bit first, but not sure that would be a wise set-up?)

(In hind-sight, I might have gone for a disc version just to avoid this limitation on tire width. Live and learn.)
Got it. Two solutions:

1. Leave tire partially deflated -- the irritating option!
2. If you otherwise love the bike and plan to keep it a good while, get a set of these and throw 'em on: TRP

I chose #2 . Best single investment I made in my bike when upspeccing it to my tastes. Brakes use road pads/holders, so they clear the fork blades and flop open when released. They work perfectly well with normal v-brake levers.
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