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Short loop west of I17

I took a short 17mi ride yesterday. If your more interested in pix they are here.

Starting near my home I rode south on 23rd Ave. There is a bike lane along 23rd here. At Indian School Rd there is a left turn lane and a right turn lane. I want to go straight so I got in the right side of the left turn lane. Most auto traffic is understanding of this as long as I get out of the way as soon as the light turns green.

Just south of Indian School Rd you need to cross the Grand Canal. There is a pedestrian bridge. Watch for broken glass.

[IMG]Pedestrian Bridge over the Grand Canal by res1due, on Flickr[/IMG]

Cross the bridge, turn right and go down to the first alley. Turn left then right back onto 23rd Ave. I traveled south to Osborn Rd and turned right. Then west 1 block to 24th Ave and south to Thomas Rd.

Thomas Rd is a high traffic artery. I got onto the sidewalk and proceeded west across I17 & 27th Ave to 29th Ave. There are several fast food places, motels, convenience stores and a pawn shop along this section of Thomas. Turn left and go south down 29th Ave to Virginia Ave. Watch it crossing the RR tracks.

On the south side of Virginia Ave is Shamrock Foods. It may not look like it but it is a huge structure. You can see the building from Shaw Butte to South Mountain.

Shamrock Foods is near my old neighborhood. Where it sits there used to be a small quarry pit. It was being used as a dump back then, full of broken gear, mechanical marvels and other junk fascinating to a youngster. But the real attraction was as a bicycle obstacle course. It was 20ft deep with steep tortuous paths. I crashed a lot there.

Turn right and go west to 31st Ave. Then south to Encanto Blvd.

[IMG]31st & Encanto by res1due, on Flickr[/IMG]

We are turning right here. Sorry no cars this way. Going west we soon come to 35th Ave. On the SW corner is LLantera El Hispano and Garcia's Original Mexican Restaurant is next to it. I'll recommend Garcia's. Good Mexican American food at a fair price. But we're not stopping here today.

West of 35th Ave is my old neighborhood. I used to deliver papers here in the 60s. The people have changed. And there's a bike lane but other than that the old 'hood looks the same. Keep going.

West of 43rd Ave is Sueno Park where I stop to use the restroom. At 47th Ave I turn north. Wrong move. After wiggling thru the neighborhood I arrive at Thomas Rd on 46th Ave. There is a side street paralleling Thomas Rd here and I use it to get to 47th Ave. Fortunately there is a lull in traffic and I'm able to cross Thomas and continue north on 47th Ave. But you might should go one block to the west and use the light at 48th ln.

I go north on 47th Ave to Indian School Rd. There is some nice street art along here. But the lighting was wrong, cars were parked at the bar, etc. So no pix. I'm going to have to drive over here early some morning.

So back to 47th Ave, north to Campbell Ave, then west. Now we're in what I consider to be Maryvale proper. We've actually been in what everybody calls Maryvale since crossing 27th or 35th nowadays. But it wasn't back when I grew up here.

Just past 51st Ave is Maryvale Park. Continue west to 55th Ave and turn north. This section of 55th has a median.

[IMG]The Median on 55th Ave by res1due, on Flickr[/IMG]

Twenty years ago driving down 55th to work there used to be this guy on a small bike. He had some kind of pole with dog leashes on it. He also had 4 greyhounds. They would be racing up and down this median as fast as the dogs could pull him. Continue on 55th Ave until it ends at Claremont St.

[IMG]RR Tracks by res1due, on Flickr[/IMG]

As you can tell you're going to have to turn here. We want to go right on Maryland Ave but to do that turn left on Claremont. Then north on 57th Ave to Maryland. Maryland crosses Grand Ave and the RR tracks by overpass. I huff and puff to the top then zoom down the other side. Hit 27mph going down! That's good for me.

From here west Maryland is neighborhoods. Sometimes with a bike lane, sometimes not. If there is a bike lane cars are probably parked in it. At I17 there is a pedestrian bridge.

[IMG]Maryland Pedestrian Bridge by res1due, on Flickr[/IMG]

The ramp is well designed and I can easily climb and turn up it onto the bridge.

[IMG]In the bridge by res1due, on Flickr[/IMG]

I had to weave around broken bottles tho. From here it's a short ride home.

17.6 mi
83 min riding time, closer to 2 hours real time.
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