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Originally Posted by qcpmsame View Post
The big dust up was actually a confluence of a couple of events. See the stickie post, by Tom Stormcrowe, in the top of the forum threads, for a date to pin on the event(s). A few members didn't care for the "clubbiness" that evolved over the first years of the 50+ Forum. The things like Pie, pie rides, pie day, mentioning colonoscopies, Tombay falls and Club Tombay, rubbed them the wrong way. they also felt that these topics weren't bicycle related and should be eliminated/deleted somehow. Several folks got their feelings hurt, or just plain got angry about the tone, as Tom put it, and they either left, or got hostile towards others.
An accurate description of the previous "dustup".

Perhaps the pie eating Diego fanboys have found a Facebook page that is a better home for silly Kaffeeklatsch patter with better controls for keeping the clique safe from anyone harshing their buzz.

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