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Originally Posted by gsteinb View Post
the friend thing is usually seen through rose colored glasses, but the reality is losing touch is normal. I'm a little unique in that I'm still super tight with my childhhod friends (age 3 on). We still manage getting together only once or twice a year. People have families, busy jobs. Hobbies. One of my closest college age friends has a daughter my son's age and they're friends. We still don't manage seeing them more than once a year. I talk to these folks every several weeks, but the reality is *that when you consider 8 or so moving relational parts the difficulty becomes apparent.
This is an interesting conversation. Both of our kids are special needs, so the friendships we made while they were young naturally fell out of that. Then they got a little older, we moved out of the area, and we only see one family on a regular basis, but with them it's like we never left. If we go out to dinner, we close the joint. Just can't stop talking. Interestingly enough, we will be moving back to that area later this year or next spring, so we'll see how that changes things.

Now my kids, they're millenials, it's totally different for them. They hold onto friends forever, at least in their sphere of life. My oldest son shares an apartment with two kids he went to preschool with. Their relationships range from Snapchat to living together, but they keep those relationships, and their network, going. Much better than I have.
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