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I had a similar problem getting a Regina single speed freewheel off the Paff. The removal ridges were not quite as bad as yours but clearly others had tried unsuccessfully.

I eventually got it loose through the following combination:

1. Lots of penetrating oil both sides of the freewheel
2. A much bigger chisel than I wanted to use at first
3. After soaking for several days, I applied heat to the hub....enough to make the penetrating oil smoke a bit, but not enough to really get it too hot. Added more penetrating oil immediately and let it soak for a couple more days. Of course, with the single speed the heat gets to the body more easily.
4. Repeat.
5. Use big chisel and firm, well placed strokes (ie. avoid digging more into the body, avoid slipping, etc). It took a few tries but I was rewarded with removal, and after a cleanup there appears to be no permanent damage.

Unfortunately, the 2 replacement Regina freewheels I found in Italy both sold underneath me, so for now I am running some modern chinese clone.... Couldn't reuse the Regina as the teeth are badly hooked from wear.

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