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Beginner Hybrid Bike $200-$250 range

Newbie here, please forgive me if i am posting in wrong section or missing something obvious.

5 days a week I ride to train station less than a mile away. Bought 4 no-name used mtb's in the last 3 years, each under $50, 3 got stolen entirely or wheels (how much can the thief sell the wheels of a $50 bike for? ). I want to buy a new/used hybrid bike primarily for 1 mile uphill commute but also for 15-25 mile ride once a week.

Recently I tried Schwinn Volare 1200 from sears for $200. it was assembled at sears by a schwinn mechanic. gears/shifter/breaks worked perfectly, was very light (26 lbs). Overall it was fun except the handle bar was too low(not adjustable), and ride felt rough (no suspension in fork or seat), so i returned it.

I am 5'10"/161lbs/32" in seam

Is there a bike in the 200-250 range with:
- 18 or more speeds
- thumb shifter
- flat, height adjustable handle bar
- seat at about 32" from the ground
- handle bar grips at 4"-10" higher than the seat level
- compatible with full size fenders (i'll buy these separately)
- front suspension
- alloy frame and rims
- under 30 lbs
- Wheels compatible with locking hub skewers (i'll buy these separately)
- Shimano or equiv derailleur/shifter/breaks
- ability to test ride or return for full refund if i dont like it
(i can spend 30-50 bucks for tune up if i like the bike)

specs wise Trek 7.2 FX comes close (looks like no suspension) and comes with free tune up by local dealer but costs $500. I am not sure how much and for how long i'll use the bike, so dont want to invest that much at this stage.

if there is no better option then i'll just buy back the same Schwinn from sears, i think i can add an after market stem riser to raise handle bar and get a more comfortable seat.

I visited a LBS but the cheapest hybrid he had was for $380, still not had everything from the list above. he had no used hybrids.

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