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Originally Posted by American Euchre View Post
Nashbar Flat Bar Road Bike

$210 or so after 25% off. Closer to $240 after tax and shipping, but still under your limit.

Too bad you live in such a high crime area. Do you have bike lockers? If not, I would just walk to the train instead and use the bike for exercise/fun rides instead of commuting.
it's a low crime area actually(!) Boston metro west, but there are no cameras, no MBTA office and no lockers. initially it was my fault, first 1 year bike was not locked (just a chain wrapped), second had a simple "honest" lock, third had Crypto U lock but only to frame (so the thief took the wheels), now i include the rear wheel also.

I bike to train station to save 10 min and $4 car parking. so like you suggested, i can probably continue using my current cheap bike for commute but i'll need to add fenders to it for wet/rainy conditions. plus it'd be one more bike in garage.

Nashbar is attractive, but looks like handle bar is too low (cant tell if/how much it can go up), no suspension. i wonder why they dont mention the weight, an important spec.
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