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This one - said to from 1990 has TT wire routing with entrance under the TT - more in line with post ergopower routing of cables (or when everyone went over to under the handlebar wrap routing). Rear der. wire thru the chain stay. Still a decal on HT.

Then it seems like there is a shift. But it could also be a parallel track. These have thru the TT, entrance under - exit on top and the derailleur guides under the BB is now a separate plastic piece. These frames also have the Bianchi eagle directly machined/pantographed into the HT. I have only found one celeste MAX bike (there are Caurus Proto: s more of that later) with machined HT and I am not 100% sure it has its original paint and decals. But I cannot prove it has not either. The fork does not belong there - I am certain:

Then there are the Caurus variations.

A Swedish guy called Sönke: s bike. Machined logo on HT.

One that I found on a German site. Machined logo on HT.

A pink and black with a decal on HT. Crude TIG- welds.

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