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I'm no expert in such matters, but personally I'd opt for ANT+ based since that is a 1-to-many protocol vs. bluetooth's 1-to-1. Meaning, with ANT+ you can have multiple receivers such as the bike computer plus your phone or watch or whatever. The sensor doesn't care, it's just happily broadcasting the data, and all in-range receivers that are "paired" to it will pick up the signal.

For example I have a basic Trip300 and DuotrapS on my TrekDS, so I have speed/cadence right there without having to mess with anything. If I want to record the ride, I just start a Bike activity on my watch (920xt or FR235) and it picks up the same ANT+ signal from the duotrapS. If I also had a phone with an ANT+ adapter it could also pick up the signal with whatever app. With bluetooth I believe you can't do this without some of the devices retransmitting the data, which seems like more possible headache/trouble.

Hopefully at least this gives some info. I'm a pretty casual rider, mostly I run, so other likely know more about this than I.
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