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Up Dreamy Draw, Down Cave Creek Rd.

This morning I rode up the Dreamy Draw path, then circled around to Cave Creek Rd to return home. If you are more interested in pix the album is here:

I started north on 23rd Ave. I wanted to follow Maryland Ave east to 16th St. But Maryland doesn't go all the way to 23rd Ave. So I turned east on Citrus Way, then north on 21st Ave, then east on Maryland Ave.

There is a bicycle lane on Maryland Ave all the way from 21st Ave to the Arizona Canal. Although you have to zig zag to go under the 51. This morning I turned north at 14th St and went to Glendale. Then west to 16th St. I had coffee and a protein bar at McDs.

After breakfast crossed the Arizona Canal on Lincoln Dr. For those not familiar with this part of Phx, Glendale Rd becomes Lincoln Dr east of 16th St. You want to take 17th St north from here. It isn't straight across but you can see it easily enough. 17th St turns into Dreamy Draw Dr a few blocks up. On the right you will see some low hills that separate Dreamy Draw Dr from the 51 freeway. Keep your eyes open.

[IMG]Gopher Snake by res1due, on Flickr[/IMG]

I would have missed this but a jogger ahead of me jumped when she ran by. A little further up the road makes a sharp left turn. You will see a sidewalk path going straight and turning right. Take the path. This is the start of the Dreamy Draw Bikeway. The path climbs a little to cross over the access road. On the left side there were a couple of Saguaros in bloom.

[IMG]Saguaro Bloom by res1due, on Flickr[/IMG]

The following pic is a shot of the pedestrian bridge.

[IMG]Pedestrian Bridge by res1due, on Flickr[/IMG]

Once you cross the 51 freeway the path climbs a little going thru the pass. There are low hills on both sides of the path. This is a great area to hike. You can see quail, coyotes and other wildlife in the preserve. This morning I only saw a few quail.

There are restrooms, ramadas and picnic tables up ahead on the left. I took a break and drank some iced tea there. A little more than half way along the bikeway there is a pedestrian bridge over the freeway that takes you into a neighborhood on the west side.

[IMG]Pedestrian Bridge over the 51 by res1due, on Flickr[/IMG]

I crossed just to see the other side, then crossed back. Continuing on the path eventually it turns east and ends at 32nd St. Cross 32nd St and continue east. You are on Mountain View Rd. There is a bike lane. A couple of blocks ahead is a small park, Mercury Mine Basin Park. I forgot to mention that the Dreamy Draw area used to be mined for Mercury. Back before the City extended this far. There are a lot of filled in prospect holes in the hills around.

At 36th St I turned north. 36th St also has a bike lane. A couple of miles north you come to Sweetwater Ave. There is also a drainage along here. I think it was probably a river in the old days. Now it is a flood control drainage. Turn west on Sweetwater. A little more than 2 miles west you come to Cave Creek Rd. Turn left. There is a bike lane along Cave Creek. Also it is downhill. Now you can have some fun and really pick up the speed.

Once you cross Cactus Rd you're in an older neighborhood. Lots of independent businesses. Car lots, junkyards, auto repair, motorcycle repair and others. Here is one I thought had an interesting sign.

[IMG]Vintage Clothing by res1due, on Flickr[/IMG]

This is one of the paths I take home from the northern part of Phoenix. Next time I will try to find something else interesting to shoot in here. I turn west at Hatcher. Once you are west of 7th St on Hatcher you are in the Sunnyslope neighborhood. It was an outlying unincorporated neighborhood when I was young. Older houses, independent businesses, etc. There is a bike lane along Hatcher. At 7th Ave I turn south to the Arizona Canal which is a long block south of Hatcher.

There is a used bookstore on the left between Hatcher and the canal here. I've been in there many times. If you like one of those old bookstores where the shelves are jammed with old books this is a good one. It is too early today. I turn right at the canal and proceed west to 15th Ave. Took some shots of the pedestrian bridge here.

[IMG]15th Ave & the Arizona Canal by res1due, on Flickr[/IMG]

From here my route home is the same as on Apr 3rd. Stopping at a convenience store on Glendale for a chocolate milk.

Here are the numbers
24.9 mi on the bike
1 hr 48 min riding time
Total time out was 2 hrs 40 min.
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