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Originally Posted by TimothyH View Post
Here in the south we have delicacies like the Moon Pie. Vanilla is the preferred flavor; we save the banana flavored ones for the tourists. The closer you ride to Chattanooga, the fresher they are.

Prior to WWII Hostess made their Twinkies with Banana cream filling. During the war bananas were rationed so the company was forced to use a cheap white cream (not even vanilla) instead. It stuck and stayed that way for 60 years. Around 2004 I was walking through the grocery store and Hostess had a BIG Retro type anniversary commemorative limited edition banana Twinkie display. $1.00 for a box of ten. I bought some and stuck them in the freezer. Because the cake is so spongy and low quality and the filling is 90% fluffed air, they never got hard in the freezer. They were more firm and WAY better than room temp.

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