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I found the GCN video both entertaining and factual and I really like those guys and think they do a good job and keep it fun.
To me, what they disclose is pretty common knowledge in the industry. Disk brakes may offer fractionally improved brake performance. Question remains...is better brake performance a good thing when racing wheel to wheel in the peloton? No.
So no dispute that disk brakes are excellent for stopping. Caliper brakes do a pretty good job as well and don't keep the top ten riders in the world from beating also rans on disk brake bikes.

Then what's the beef? Sharp edges on rotors is the issue. Cost aka potential for lacerating a rider in a crash which happen like clockwork in the peloton versus a fractional improvement of braking being the benefit. A net benefit? My personal opinion is as soon as a couple of pro riders get chopped by disks, the plug will be pulled 'again'. Maybe this time, an effort will be made to protect the edge of disks.

For average riders...like the video explained, those living in mountainous country may prefer a bike with disk brakes. Makes sense. Not essential as top riders don't use them for much higher speed than we mortals ride but if average Joe prefers disk, why not?
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