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Hmmmm ....yeah Under most circumstances one should shift one's weight to the rear when braking ... unless one is trail-braking through a corner, perhaps. But it is not hard to lock a front wheel --- that is what causes people to go over the bars, or more frequently just to crash because the front wheel flops sideways when it stops rolling. There is a reason why even with canti brakes, smart riders keep only one or two fingers on the levers.

On a road bike yes ... it is not that it is not possible to lock the front wheel, it is unwise. Generally it is always unwise to lock the front brake because it causes crashes.
Originally Posted by Luis G. View Post
There's a reason I have mechanical disk brakes on my MTB, and it's because I am not yet skilled enough to be using monstrous hydraulic brakes.
I am pretty much not sure that there is such a huge difference between mechanical and hydraulic that you could ride one and not the other.

I went from cantis to hydraulic and it took a few minutes ot get the feel of the brakes. I am sure you could manage hydraulics. I also think that either will provide all the braking one needs.

Anyway, I don't race (and only did very, very briefly very very many years ago .... using canti brakes.) I ride for fun and pleasure and the attendant fitness gains, but mostly to enjoy riding. People who push harder might need better gear.
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