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1981 Schwinn Sports Tourer - Update or restore?

Hey guys/gals. I just picked up, what I think was a great deal, a 1981 Schwinn Sports Tourer. I bought it from the original owner, who had it in his attic for the last 15 years.

I Wiped it down, aired up the tires (hold air good still), Tightened the spokes and trued the wheels, wiped down and lubed the chain and then rode it on a 4.5 mile trip over lunch yesterday.

This is my second road bike (previous one was a '79 Peugeot i had for 2 months) and I LOVE the look / ride of the old bikes, but I have come to realize I HATE the energy/concentration/distraction that Friction shifters demand. My thought was to do a "budget" update with some Craigslist / secondhand Brifter and indexed shifting. BUT I kinda feel like it would be a shame to change this bike that seems to be all original and in great shape.

A couple things about me: I ride for fun and fitness (6'4 270lbs) and am using biking to get fit, and "zone out" to release anxiety. I know this bike will never be a speed demon, so I'm almost thinking of just striping it down and giving it a DEEP clean and a buff/polish, and using it to enjoy the slow ride. and then holding out for another, frame only or newer type, bike. IF I do this I will the friction shifting "clean up" or get smoother? i know that TOO smooth will defeat the friction part of Friction Shifting.

I've also considered making it into a singlespeed, but again, this will ruin the all original appeal it has to me. Is it possible to adjust the High/Low limiting screws on the RD to lock it in 3rd gear? I'm thinking this could be the cheapest, easiest, easily undo-able option.

Hmm. After typing this all out, I'm pretty sure I need to take some time and think about it all some more. Or i'm just over complicating it and need to just get on and ride. lol

ANY opinions/options/suggestions will be appreciated!


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