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This will be my 3rd attempt at replying (first 2 were on my phone, and never showed up?)

The Golden Boy - Thanks for telling me my bike is worthless. HAHA JUST KIDDING! From the research I did before purchasing this is pretty much what I was thinking too. Thanks for the ChroMo suggestion! Thats exactly the kind of thing I was hoping to learn.

Pawlus - New rubber is for sure towards the top of my list. Thanks for the confirmation about the cleaning and getting used to the friction shifting. I bought a tub of "Mean Green" de-greaser and will be doing a full tear-down, soaking, scrubbing and then trying it out again. IF that de-greaser is not good enough, any suggestions on something stronger, or should I just go straight to the the paint thinner?

noobinsf - After the suggestions / confirmations here this is exactly what I plan on doing.

SloButWide - HAHA! This is actually on my list of possibilities for sure!

Thanks guys, and sorry for not getting response to you earlier.

My plan for now:
1. CLEAN the crap out of EVERYTHING
2. New Brake + Shifting cables/sleeves (cheap, and I can do the work myself)
3. Give this stock setup a few weeks / months to get the feel of.
4. Hopefully I get in the groove of the friction shifting and if so I'll plan on looking for another bargain that I can rebuild/upgrade that will be newer for supersize and speed. A ChroMo frame (thanks for the suggestion Golden Boy).

Thanks a lot for the help and suggestions everyone!

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