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Updating this just in case someone else comes looking for the same info:

I "sucessfully" converted my HED Belgiums C2 (not +) to tubeless today, this is what I used:

1 Roll of 21mm Stan's Yellow tape.
4oz of Stan's sealant
2 Stan's 40mm presta valve
A presta to schrader adapter ($2.5 at REI)
Pair of tubeless tires, I used Schwalbe one tubeless.

* Removed old rim tape.
* cleaned the rim with a cloth and alcohol
* Wrapped the rim with the new rim tap, two laps starting from the opposite side from the valve hole.
* make a puncture on the tape where the valve hole is and put the stan's valve, make sure you use the washer to keep some pressure on it.
* hand mounted the tubeless tires on (before you finish mounting, put 2oz of sealant)

Now for the life of me I couldn't get my floor pump to get the tire to seat, not even using the soapy water trick, so I went to REI bought the presta to schrader adapter and stopped at the gas station to use an air compressor, it worked flawlessly.
Finished pumping with the floor pump and seems good to go, only rode around the block to see if the tire wouldn't come off
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