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Help identifying vintage Nigel Dean

Hi all,

First post! I was recently visiting a relative, and while going through the shed I came across this bike (I didn't embed images directly as they're too big for the forum).

I was already planning to start cycling to work, and I have in the past toyed with the idea of a bike restoration. Said relative was kind enough to let me have the bike for free (just need to transport it down from the North of the UK to London, ~40).

Problem is, I'm pretty clueless with where to start with a restoration project. I like the bike as it is, but I was contemplating maybe converting it to a three-speed as i'm not convinced i'll need a 7 speed and would like to get rid of the bar mounted shifters.

When I get it down here I'm planning on taking it into my local shop to get some hands-on advice about restoring it, but while it's not here I was just looking for some more information about the bike. Any information that anyone has would be appreciated! That includes brand, history, anything I should be aware of, ideas for the refurb. Honestly anything, just trying to get as much info as I can

Thanks in advance!
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