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Tire Pressure and Ride Quality

I am a 350+lb rider, and one of the issues that I run into with my bike is proper tire pressure.

Currently I am running 700x40c tires at 80/85psi (which is the max recommended for these tires), and previously I ran anywhere from 50-75psi in my tires but never max. I experimented with lower pressures mainly because of the increased traction on loose surfaces and the increased compliance when riding on rough surfaces. Because of an event where I double pinch-flatted my tires on a curb running at 75 psi (again, max was 85psi) I thought I should be running a higher pressure.

For off-road riding, people generally recommend around 40psi for better traction and comfort. Those people are also more than 1/2 my body weight. That raises the question: given all other things equal would a bike running tires at 40psi feel the same as the same bike running tires at 80psi if the rider on the 80psi tires was twice the weight as the rider on the 40psi tires. Does the ride quality of a tire at a set pressure remain constant independent of rider weight?

Hopefully you guys can shed a bit of light on this topic for me. Let me know if I need to clarify anything that I stated here. Thanks.
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