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Firstly, welcome to C&V!

That is a really nice Nigel Dean hand-built lightweight bike. I'd recommend saving some funds while you are waiting for it, then when it arrives, do the minimum to make it rideable "as-is" ( maybe grease the bearings, cables - or fit new cables if seized up, check tyres and inflate/replace if needed, change brake pads if they have gone brittle), then try it out and keep riding it. Any changes you need to make will become apparent as time goes on - and they might not be the ones you think you will need to make! For instance, if you think you will only need three speed then try only using three of the gears, but I bet you will appreciate having more! Downtube gear shifters give a superb feel to the change with their shorter more direct cable run and it doesn't take long to find the levers without thinking. For commuting, you'll probably find using the tops and centres of the handlebars gives you a more 'heads-up' position for better observation of traffic. The changes I'd consider for myself if intending to commute on your fine classic bike might be to fit mudguards (fenders) to reduce spray in the rain, fitting a rack and bag - if only to carry a decent lock in and rear view mirrors in place of the handlebar plugs. Everyone is different and it's your bike but I know we'll all be interested to see more photos once you are riding it!

Any questions, ask on here - we're always keen to give advice and opinions!
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