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Originally Posted by Spoonrobot View Post
Ah, I stand corrected. However, I still feel 40mm tires are too narrow for your weight. Why did you pick that size? What kind of bike are you riding? I think 50mm should be your minimum and closer to 60mm; something like the Schwalbe Big One would be ideal.

But that's just me. I too know the pain of a weight-related double pinch flat and am much happier riding wider tires. In my case I went from 700cx25 to 650bx42; the change has been amazing.
Here is my bike:

The frame I believe has clearance for 700x45c, but the fork actually has a vertical clearance for a 38c. My 40c tires leaves about 5+mm of clearance on both sides, but the crown has about 2mm of space left. I wanted to entertain the idea of running 650b tires as I would probably be able to run up to a 2 in. tire. Unfortunately I cannot find a set of 650b wheels with 36 spokes for a quick release axle, and then comes the point of finding Slick/semi-slick 650b tires that don't cost an arm and a leg.

As for my current tires, honestly I haven't had a situation where I felt like I needed to size up even more except when I try going into single-track areas at max tire pressures. And I also haven't tried any stupid curb jumps that would cause another set of pinch flats.
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