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Originally Posted by wheelsmcgee View Post
Interesting. It sounds like a clear violation of the support rules, which were made known at the rider's meeting and in the rider's bible.

However, it does get interesting when you consider that there are numerous unofficial water stops along the way...random people with a hose or some Gatorade or something. What about those? I think that needs to be clarified in the rules... according to a FB post by the race organizer, it doesn't sound like stopping at those sorts of places for some water is an immediate DQ, but you have to admit there is a fine line between getting water from a bystander vs a buddy in the car. Maybe your buddy lives on the route?

Hypnotoad, good luck with your race and be safe...four 22 bottles would last me maybe 3 hours in that heat.
Thanks! Four bottles can get me through a 100 miles on a typical day... tomorrow is not forecast to be typical. Thankfully, we start at 8:00, and be able to get a lot of miles before the heat takes over.

The general rule, as I understand it, if the farmer has a hose at the end of his driveway, it's OK since all riders can use it. If your mom meets you on course with water and food, it's a violation because it's not available to all riders. Likewise, stopping at the convenience store to buy drinks/food is OK since all riders can pull off and buy food/water.

For tomorrow's WDB, they added a second check point with water. There were concerns about the temps. I will likely top off at each of the two stops, because I know what it feels like to ride in these temps when you're outta water - NOT FUN!
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