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Nick Frey's blog post (and his wife's Facebook posts after that) are not helping him. I read his blog post and he starts by admitting to not reading the rules, he messed up... and then goes on a rant about how epic his effort was, how everybody else was taking water from strangers, some anti-corporate blabber, accusations against the organizers and downplays the fact that he had a support vehicle there (not allowed) and he took support from that support vehicle.

That made him look like a cheater more than someone who made a mistake. And now that the organizers have clarified Frey got DQd for having the Boo Cycles van there, yeah all the rest of it doesn't matter. This wasn't about how he would have died without the farmer's Gatorade or how irresponsible and greedy the organizers are. This is about him having a support vehicle trail him and help him. I can see why people complained and why he got DQd.
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