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Something Different - Trail 100 East Side

This morning was something of a failure. I had grandiose plans of riding Trail 100 from one side to the other. I should have known better. On the other hand maybe I learned a couple of things.

For those more interested in pix go here:

Starting from near Campbell & 23rd Ave I rode north. Got on Maryland Ave going east. Worked my way to McDs at 16th St & Glendale Rd. After breakfast I crossed Glendale, got on 17th St which turns into Dreamy Draw Dr. Follow this up about a mile and it makes a sharp turn to the left. There is a bike route sign pointing to a sidewalk on the right. That is the beginning of the Dreamy Draw Bikeway. Take it and cross the 51 freeway.

Maybe another mile up is the Dreamy Draw Parking lot, ranger station. There are restrooms, volleyball courts, and ramadas with picnic tables here. Keep following the Dreamy Draw Bikeway until it ends at 32nd St. Cross 32nd St and get on Mountain View Rd straight across. Getting from here to Tatum Blvd at the trailhead for Trail 100 is a little convoluted. Use a map. If you get tangled up don't worry. You will probably end up on Shea Blvd. From there go east to Tatum Blvd then turn south.

The trailhead is about 1 1/4 mi south of Shea Blvd on the west side. I passed a couple of teenagers on Tatum. Before I got 200 yds down the trail they passed me. Ride Stats so far: 13.1 mi, 59 min riding time.

[IMG]Tatum Blvd Trailhead of Trail 100 by res1due, on Flickr[/IMG]

The first half mile of the trail is a narrow right of way between private properties. Plenty of nice houses to either side. Plenty of No Trespassing signs too. A lot more trees in here but still desert. Here is a nice healthy Saguaro.

[IMG]Nice Saguaro by res1due, on Flickr[/IMG]

The Eucalyptus tree behind it is on somebody's property. I haven't ridden on dirt in a long time. It was very difficult for me to keep my balance on parts of the trail. I am afraid I crashed a few hundred yards from here. Thinking back on it I realize I jerked my front brake at precisely the wrong moment. Front tire obeyed me and stopped rolling. The rest of the bike did not! To make matters worse another MTN biker was following close enough to see, and hear the whole thing. By the time he got there I was up, pushing the bike towards the trail and grinning. I couldn't see his face, so can't say what he was thinking. No I wasn't hurt. Couple of scratches.

Before long I cross a saddle and come to 40th St. I have hiked a lot of this valley.

[IMG]Crossing 40th St. by res1due, on Flickr[/IMG]

It's easy! Well the next 1/4 mi was. Then you cross a few washes. I've hiked across them many times. No problem. DOH!

There is a skill here that I don't have. Maybe it will come in time. I was trying to come out of the washes in too high a gear. Inevitably the front tire hits a rock and stops. At least going up you don't fall as far. I was usually able to get my feet on the ground and walk the bike out of the wash.

[IMG]Walk of Shame by res1due, on Flickr[/IMG]

Seems like there are too many people out here. I get lots of funny looks. Goofy old man pushing a mountain bike up perfectly rideable trails.

At one point in the valley I zigged when Trail 100 zagged. If this happens to you don't worry. There are so many crisscrossing trails you can work you way to where you are going. Maybe my zig was psychological. As it took me to the old Trail 100 which follows an easier path. Being stubborn I got back on the correct trail and was soon at a saddle looking over a part of the trail I knew I couldn't ride.

[IMG]High Saddle by res1due, on Flickr[/IMG]

The main trail behind my bike is steeper than it looks in the pic. I've hiked up and down it before. Today I walked down 95% of it. I stopped to take a pic here.

[IMG]Halfway down by res1due, on Flickr[/IMG]

But mainly I stopped here to let a better rider go by. Her boyfriend had already thundered by. It looked almost like skiing. He was pretty skilled. But she was no slouch either. She rode the whole way down without slipping or sliding. I'm having trouble walking down this stretch with my bike.

Less than half an hour later I come to this underpass.

[IMG]Horse crossing by res1due, on Flickr[/IMG]

Yep that is the trail. I am about 1/4 mi from the Dreamy Draw parking lot. I am also out of water. While it is not too hot, mid 80s F, I am hot. Going under the underpass I turn towards the parking lot.

Here is a link to my ride in Endomondo.

Trail Riding Stats: 4.36 mi, 1 hr 15 riding time, 3mph according to Endomondo. Wow! I suck at this. Need to find a more beginnerish trail to ride.

Things learned: Brakes. Go easy on the brakes. Panic braking is bad. My balance isn't as good as I thought. Get better. Learn to shift better.

From the parking lot it is about 8 1/4 mi to home. Basically reversing my morning ride. Stopped at a service station for a powerade. It was delicious! Another 8.3 mi 34.9 min.
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