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Originally Posted by Surf WRaX View Post
Brifters on this bike finally wore out, and I didn't want to put any more money into it so put it on Craigslist. Some guy driving 100 miles away to see it so I had to see, and sure enough there are a lot of fans of these bikes. I think this is from 1991, that is when my buddy and I graduated from high school and he gave me it when he moved across the country.

Thinking now I should have kept it.

Nice bike you had there. I got mine in April of 1992 as a college graduation gift. I just recently got my RH out of storage after about 15 years. I mainly stopped riding it when the original right thumb shifter stopped working due to an internal spring breaking and not allowing it to ratchet. So now I had a tune up, new shift/brake levers, chain and a new front tire all done and it is like riding a brand new bike. I will never get rid of this one, although had been tempted to get a newer bike with the shocks and disk brakes. Time to get my kiddos on the trail now.

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