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Originally Posted by FlatFender View Post
On some recentlonger (for me anyways, say 30-35 miles) rides I've started getting some painat the base of my skull from looking up while riding. I'd like to do somelonger rides as I get in better shape, but this is putting a damper on things.

I'm about 6'3" tall, riding a large sized Fuji Sportif that seems to fitpretty well, so I'm not exactly in a super aero position while riding. I'destimate my bars are about 3/4" below my seat.

Is this normal? Any tips to combat it?

I’m glad you wrote this post. Just this year, after decades of cycling, including the past three years on my well-fitted carbon fiber bike, I began getting a pain at the base of my skull on the right side, after about 5 miles on the road. I had no prior neck injury, and I’m about 6’2”.

It was distracting, but not debilitating. So I take two Aleve tablets before my rides of a minimum of 14 miles, and don’t notice it. Otherwise I’m comfortable with my saddle and handlebar positions.
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