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Originally Posted by Ramona_W View Post
Rode downtown to get coffee even though I hadn't done my homework. Probably did about three miles because I got lost. Rode across the bike/pedestrian bridge and only ran into the fencing along the sides of it once each way. (Don't look where you don't want to go. LOL) Rode through the pedestrian/bike tunnel like a champ and even made it partway up the hill on the other side but it was kind of twisty and I didn't have enough momentum. Next time. Finally, arrived at the bike shop/coffee shop just in time to see a woman walking back to her truck. Unbelievably, they are closed today. It boggles my mind that a bike shop would be closed the Saturday of a three-day weekend.

On the way home, I encountered two of my co-workers and expressed my incredulity. They said "Yeah. You probably won't find hardly anything open in town. It's a three-day weekend." I said "Yes, but they could be selling bikes!" "They don't care. They want to be drinking beer like everybody else." I shouldn't have been surprised, I guess, since they closed a lot of the city buildings on Good Friday and many others took a half day so they could start Easter weekend early. How can you run a town or a business if everybody just wants to close up and drink beer?

And now I should make coffee here at home and actually do my assignment. At least, I got a few miles in and some sunshine. Plus I rode through a tunnel-type thing.
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If this thread doesn't go 10 pages I'm quitting BF.
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