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Originally Posted by jeff400650 View Post
I ordered a set of TRP Hylex road style hydraulic brakes for my 62cm Surly Disc Trucker. Only the front (left) one has arrived. Holding it in place, I can tell that the pre-bled/installed hose is about 5" too short. Checking TRP and other websites yields confusion as to what hose kit to buy. Also, I have never worked with bicycle hydraulics and need to get tools for the job as well. It looks like it should be fairly simple if I have all the right parts and tools at hand.

Does anyone have any helpful input for me?

I have run into the same issue when installing Hylex brakes on a Disc Trucker, which typically is set up with the handlebars/brake levers quite a bit higher and further away from the brake caliper than the typical cx bike that these brakes are usually installed on. You need the TRP hydraulic hose kit, which should give you 1800mm of brake hose, and all the necessary hardware. You will also need the TRP hydraulic bleed kit; I believe we have used the Tektro bleed kit (Tektro owns the TRP brand) for bleeding the brakes, but I believe the brake hose needs to be TRP specifically. You need a hose cutter as well. One other thing: the brake pads that come on the Hylex brakes leave a lot to be desired IME, they can be replaced with Shimano M05 resin pads for better and quieter braking. Once that's done, the Hylex brakes are as good as the best mountain hydraulics, they're the best full hydraulic drop bar disc brake on the market IMO. Good luck-
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