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Originally Posted by jethro56 View Post
Those of us that really get into biking will have at least two bikes. One will be somewhat like a Trek 7.2 FX and another will have drop handlebars and will be either a roadbike, cyclocross or touring bike. Since I don't like ridding when it's cold, riding is a seasonal activity. I will begin the season riding the FX style bike for the first 200 miles or so. After that I will transition to a Cyclocross bike for the rest of the season. The cyclocross bike is easier/faster/more comfortable once I get my "core muscles" back in shape. I do do core exercises in the winter but it's not the same as actually riding.
True, I own one light touring bike, a Salsa Casseroll, and two flat bar bikes, a Trek 930 and a Bianchi Advantage. That said, the flat bar bikes are strictly backup and loaner bikes. Put another way, my Salsa gets ridden over 1,200 miles a riding season, whereas my Trek and Bianchi get, maybe 50 to 100 miles each.
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