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Originally Posted by markutz View Post
I'm in exactly the same boat, I've only had mine 4 months too! It's been like that since the very early days!

How do you find the bike otherwise ? I think it's fantastic but I have had a couple of issues here and there. I have had the freehub body replaced, and the bike was stripped down and cleaned/re-greased as it was making some seriously bad squeaking in the front fork, and crank area. I think these days bike manufacturers put a minimal amount of grease on the bikes to save money. LBS have been great though.
Overall I like the bike a lot, few minor issues. The seat that came with the bike a couple screws came out while
Riding but I had planned to change saddles anyway. In a few short months I've put almost 1k miles on it have done a lot of long trail/canal rides this year.
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