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Thanks for all the great feedback.

I had been inactive for nearly 6 months due to the injury and surgery, so I ended up training on a stationary bike at the gym and on my old reliable hybrid. I've gained some flexibility and upper body strength so my options are better than they were in the early spring. I got a bike rack for the car which helps a lot.

In terms of goals, I am really more of an "adult onset athlete." My original goals of "I don't want to develop the kind of health problems my sedentary parents had" and "I want to set an example of healthy living for my kids" aren't enough to get me off the sofa consistently. Having a tangible goal (like an upcoming triathlon that I have registered and paid for) keeps me interested and motivated. At this point I am happy just to *complete* the shortest distance event. I'm not going to be setting any records in the foreseeable future. I will most likely gain more speed by continuing to train and lose body fat. ON the other hand, I want to do the best I can, and it really is more fun to have a fast, responsive bike.

A mechanic at a local bike shop has suggested replacing the drop bars on my road bike with flat or touring-type handlebars. This would require changing the shifters and brakes. It is not cheap, but would cost less than buying an equivalent bike new.

My other option is a flat bar road bike. I have tried a few including the Trek FX and they seem promising, but the local shops don't have my exact size. I'm nervous about ordering something that I haven't been able to adequately test ride.
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