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Today was literally my first time biking and I nearly got taken out by, of all things, a cop. I'm not sure what I did wrong. I was going along just fine, it was a straight shot down the road to the store. I get to the light before my left, I take my time approaching it. There are about a half dozen cars so I signal that I'm needing to get into the lane for a left. No one wants to let me in. I think I see a shot, I go over, and the cop tries to go around/through me, partially in the center lane himself, not because he needs to turn, just not apparently wanting me on the road because he has to slow down for a few beats.

One of my reasons for not having a bike since I moved is a severe anxiety regarding traffic, especially here where I've been nearly hit crossing the street in a crosswalk in plain view. What should I be doing in a case where no one wants to let me cross? Just stop and wait?
I am a very seasoned inner city rider. Yesterday I was trying to make a left. To do so I had to cross two lanes, which is almost never a problem. Apparently there was a road closed or something and there were dozens of cars where I rarely see a few. Anyway I could see no way I could safely get across both lanes and turn left. So I gave up trying to make the left and turned right. I went down the street to the parking lot, turned around and caught the very next light. I lost less than a minute and did not cause any drivers to avoid me and I was as safe as I could possibly be. I could go on for hours telling you the things I have learned to be safe on the road, and I learn new stuff all the time, just try to be as safe as you can be all the time.
I have also turned right in order to turn left.
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