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Originally Posted by WolfRider View Post
I'm in Northern Ca, Sac , Davis I think there are some Coop bike places around here. I just want to do these bikes right. So maybe I will check out some of those spots. Bike mehcanic skill level and knowledge of vintage bikes can vary with some of these volunteer outfits.
...the Davis bike co-op situation is in constant flux and a little chaotic ever since they got tossed out of the Domes.

The Sacramento Bike Kitchen has the stuff you need, but a lot of the olde bike guys left last year. There is still a great collection of various tools there, and depending on when you visit (the day) you may or may not find someone there who is knowledgeable about your particular project bike. That's probably your best place to start.

Addison's Cycle Reparium is a one man show, and he focuses on olde bikes and restorations.

The Edible Pedal used to have considerable classic steel presence, but it has dropped off some under new ownership. The midtown location is under a different name now, on Liestal Alley. In West Sac it's still the same name.

If you have specific questions, (after you try a few of these resources), I might be able to advise you as to a course of action. I used to do a lot of this, less now. You can PM me here, I live in the BIg Tomato.

Your idea of a practice bike to **** up prior to starting to the one you care about is a good one, and you can probably find something cheap at the Bike Kitchen. Good luck. Like they say, it's not rocket science, but it's still possible to fubar something.
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