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Originally Posted by Simon G View Post
Thank you for the warm welcome, and thank you for the Lemond Geometry reading. It was more than helpful.

Regarding the Waterford, it has serial number A97048. Which I can extrapolate to imply it was built in January of 1997. It's quite an impressive bicycle with the full campy, something out of this world on any sort of negative inclination.

Furthermore, I was in contact with the team at Waterford, and got and email back from them. They said the 1150, this was the model, was an "The 1150 was an entry level Road Sport style frame from the late 1990's." and was sold as a frameset. All very interesting!


The Waterford is quite lovely

Interesting they refer to it as "entry level" -- their most basic framesets were Reynolds 531, - pretty nice stuff ! I would guess that is what yours is

Waterford is Richard Schwinn's spin-off company after Schwinn was bought out and slowly let the Paramount line die out - (that may be over-simplifying it )
I have a Waterford track bike and I consider it a modern incarnation of the great stuff churned out by the Paramount custom shop

The Lemond looks like it is a big frame , you may be happier with it with a shorter stem , which would allow you to slide the seat back to a normal position -- with the seat forward like that , it puts you a bit too far over the bottom bracket (but then again, GReg Lemond's fit philosophy was to use longish top tubes also )
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