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Originally Posted by Simon G View Post
Hello all, my name is Simon I have two bikes I would like to inquire about today.

The first bike is my personal "Nice" Bike, this being my 2002 Lemond Maillot Jaune. I got it about six months ago off Craigslist, for quite a steal. The only problem being that it had a seized seat post, knowing this I went ahead and bought it. That was quite a battle but after a week of very delicate sawing I was able to crush the seat post, and remove it form the frame. All without damaging the frame at all! She's been road ready and riding hard for the entirety of the season, here in central IL. It's full Dura Ace 7700, and Reynolds 853 tubing. Only quip I can raise is that it has a Reynolds carbon fork.

The second bike in questions is a Waterford Precision Cycles, which I know much less about. This bicycle has come to me much more recently, the beginning of this week. I was searching through my SO garage and was allowed to keep it and tune it up, for the time being. I found much less info on this bike than I was hoping to. Here's what I know: It is stamped "1150" on the top tube of the bike, and other than that not much. It's full steel tubing, with a full Campagnolo Veloce groupset. Id say the bike is a late 90's model but I really don't know.

For both these bikes, if anyone has any information, it'd be greatly appreciated. Any info goes a long way, and will help my research. I'm just trying to fully understand what I have sitting in my bedroom, not looking for an appraisal but if you have a good guess feel free to let me know.

Thanks much
By 1998 Steel was pretty much a thing of the past in Grand tour racing. 1994 was the last year a steel bike won the TDF. 1998 was the last time a non carbon fiber bike won the tour, Marco Pantani's Bianchi Mega Pro XL Reparto Corse, a custom-built aluminum frame. Just for FYI 101 Years of Tour de France Bikes Map the Evolution of Cycling
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