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Originally Posted by BluesDawg View Post
Not sure how you managed to snap a square taper BB, but it's not because of any inherent weakness in the design. I rode many thousands of miles on square taper BBs when I weighed 210-220. I broke a lot of parts, but never a BB spindle.
I'm not either, but I was about 20 lbs lighter then (late 1980s), and I cracked the frame, which Bianchi replaced for free, but dragged it out for a year. I was a penniless grad student (having already blown my life savings on the bike), so didn't have the $100 at the time to have the bike shop put the parts on the new frame. I put the rest together myself, but I was afraid of bottom brackets, and they took pity on me and put it on for free. I soon learned they put the fixed cup on the wrong side to get it to fit the new frame, so it could be the spindle, which broke a few years later, was compromised because of that.

BTW, you mentioned $125 for the BB on this. I'm running a $25 Shimano UN-55 on mine. Stone axe reliable and any weight difference is at the absolutely least impactful location on the bike. Spend you money where it makes a difference.
That was for the cheaper of the two options if I wanted the White Industry BB. The titanium one is more expensive. If it really doesn't matter, that is good to know. I know next to nothing about bottom brackets. I'd probably pay the paranoia premium and get Phil Wood if WI didn't have one, but if it really doesn't matter, Shimano is more than fine with me. I don't want it breaking or flexing any more than absolutely necessary, so if more money gets me something other than a label that no one will see ...

As a bike shop employee, I hate to admit that I got my Sugino crank from eBay. They no longer seem to be available.
Well, that explains why I can't find it.

I'm running my Clement MSO 40 tires tubeless and have had zero issues. I know a few people who never managed to get them to seal and have read where others had their internal surface rot from exposure to Stan's sealant. I left mine mounted to Stan's Iron Cross rims for several months and they still had air in them when I pulled them out of the room where I had stashed them. I closely examined the I moved them over to Roval carbon rims and they are still sealing up well. Was Stan's sealant before, now Orange Seal.
I may give it a try, but in over two years, this is the first non-user-error flat I have had, and even if the sealant had worked to get me home, I would have run the risk of driving the screw into the rim.

Again, thanks for all the info and advice!
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