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Originally Posted by DMC707 View Post
I have a Waterford track bike and I consider it a modern incarnation of the great stuff churned out by the Paramount custom shop

The Lemond looks like it is a big frame , you may be happier with it with a shorter stem , which would allow you to slide the seat back to a normal position -- with the seat forward like that , it puts you a bit too far over the bottom bracket (but then again, GReg Lemond's fit philosophy was to use longish top tubes also )
The Waterford is truly something else, it's fast, light, and holds a line very well. The triple chainring gives it some out of this world ability to be used both quickly in city and very stably over long distance at high speed. I really love it as a properly fitting road bike.

The Lemond on the other hand is a tad bit large, but the way I've outfitted it is very comfortable for me. That being said, I would be very happy to have a shorter stem and be able to shift the seat back an inch or so. Right now the riding position feels more like flying than anything else, being in a constant race tuck. Do you have any recommendations/ suggestions for a shorter stem?

Thank you kindly
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