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Originally Posted by Scooper View Post
The Waterford 1150 used Reynolds 531 OS tubing and had Road Sport geometry similar to the current RS-22. The 1150 combined the athletics of the race geometry 1100 with the comfort of a classic road touring bike. The 1150 included rear dropout eyelets to support a rear rack for credit card touring.

I own a 2007 RS-22, and it is light, fast, has predictable stable handling, and is comfortable for long rides. You'll love it.
I love the bike immensely so far, it's everything I would want in a very fast touring bike, and plenty to tear up the streets here in my little town.

I'd almost feel bad taking it over long distances for touring, but hey that's partially what it's made for. It's a beautiful bicycle and I dearly hope that I have many miles ahead of me on it.
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