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Originally Posted by DMC707 View Post
I gotcha ---

I personally look at hard core pro racing and USAC cat 1-5 and citizens racing as 2 separate animals.

I know the lines can get blurred a bit with some of the Cat 1-2's out there, but for the rest of us, (and this is what makes cycling great) - its still the legs and lungs primarily so long as we show up with a reasonably well sorted and well maintained machine.

But the thing that moves the industry is all the Cat 4 and 5 guys (and Cat 6 town line sprint heroes ) who clamor to buy late model kit, - (but who would do just as good -- or bad - on the machine they had back in '98 )

I'm not immune to the hubbub , -- I have actually contemplated purchasing one of those alloy Specialized crit frames - they are screaming bargains if that's what a guy is into -- and I recently have embarked on a bit of weight weenie-ism figuring out how to lose a few ounces off my late model carbon bike

I know this isn't what this thread was about --- but on a personal level when I show up at a local event on my recently restored DeBernardi or Pinarello , -- people stop what they're doing to come check it out - and later in the day seem surprised that such old machinery can even "keep up" -- but in the event I do get spit out the back in a crit, I know full well its the 9 beers I had the night before that are to blame more than the bike
-- A bit like making a conscious choice to drive a '72 Corvette roadster as opposed to driving a new one
Well we are listening to the same music more or less. As I said I have gone to a lot of Crits and have seen bikes change.

I haven't been in a race since 2011 with the Furnace Creek 508.
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