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I look at: where does the BB sit relative to the wheels, ie how is my weight balance? What do I have to do to [place the seat and handlebars where I want them? Can I do it with off the shelf and reasonably inexpensive parts? Am I willing to spend more/go custom on those parts?

Notice that frame size never enters directly into any of these questions. My preference is 58-59 with steepish angles and long top tubes but my commuters (horizontally dropped early to mid '80s bikes have twice been 25" frames. I don't get to pick when I have to shop for the next one. They die violent deaths. I also have now a considerably smaller Raleigh Competition that with a 140 stem I happened to have and a 60 mm setback seatpost I happened to find for $15 is a sweet fit. 21 1/2"? I measure up the frame to be, enter it into a drafting program with all the rest (to see what seatpost and stem will be needed) and call out the dimensions, but make zero attempt to remember them.

So right now, roughly, I have (2) 59s and a 58 (all custom), a probably 58 commuter and a 55? (the Raleigh).

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