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I use progressive lenses on my regular glasses, but I have bifocals on my riding glasses. I want all far vision, except for a small portion, the width of my handlebars.

Here's my Rudy Rydon glasses. I like the insert, so I can swap between clear and tinted lenses.
I'll be getting new inserts soon, since my prescription has changed. These were single vision distance, from before I required bifocals. And I added the stick-on bifocals a few years ago. You can see how small the close vision bifocals are. (I trimmed them down until I had just the small area in focus.)

The bifocals were a little annoying for a ride or two, until I tuned out the line in my vision. Now I can swap between my progressives and my riding glasses, and instantly adapt to the difference.

Stick-on bifocals
These have worked great. I used Optx brand. I think they are stocked at many drug stores, too.

This is actually one stick-on, cut in half with a razor blade and then trimmed even more. My eye doctor told me that "+2" bifocals would work with my distance prescription to focus at arm's length.

These don't come off, even when rinsing under the tap. You'd have to use your fingernail to pry them off.

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