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I Think my LBS is Doing Something Really Shady

So I stopped off at my LBS just now after work to see if they had any '17 Specialized Sirruses on the floor yet, I mainly wanted to see colors in person. '17s went up on the Specialized website last week.

For those that don't know, the Specialized website shows the Sirrus base disc in bright orange for 2016 and a price of $600. The '17 is only available in blue according to the site, and got a price drop to $550.

Well, my bike shop has several orange base discs selling for $600 - the problem is, the big price tag on every one clearly calls them out as '17s.

It's not just the base disc either, but also the base model. The base model is available in an identical black color scheme for both 2016 and 2017, but the 2016 is $520 and the 2017 is $500. Yet they had a bunch of black base models for $520, and listed as 2017s. Note they had neither of the new for '17 colors on the floor (silver and lime) for the base model either, just the black which is further suspicious.

I suspect in both of these cases, unless I'm missing something, they are dishonestly retagging their '16 Sirrus Base/base disc models as '17s. They had at least 4-5 of each.

Note this isn't the case on all models - the '16 Sirrus sports are correctly labeled as '16s, and they are selling '16 Sirrus Elites at a discount.

Am I missing something or is my LBS shady? The guy did tell me that they don't get '17s in until 2 to 4 months after they go up on the website, despite standing right in front of supposed '17s...I'd hate to name the shop (it's a chain), but hard to support my LBS if they are doing something dishonest...
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